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  • 3 Month Licence

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    • 3 months access to Hypertrend Auto Bot Full version
    • $200 USD per month
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    1 year Licence

    Experience the full power of Hypertrending (Price in USD)
    • 1 year access to Hypertrend Auto Bot Full version
    • $150 USD per month
  • 6 month Licence

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    • 6 months access to Hypertrend Auto Bot Full version
    • $180 USD per month
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Hypertrend Backtesting Lite Version


Hypertrend Backtesting Lite Version can only backtest up to one month prior to today. This version can not trigger bot alerts.

Check for yourself the power of the Hypertrend (price in USD)

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Hey Hypertraders, thank you for your interest.

To purshase the Hypertrend Auto Bot Long Backtesting and Alert Creator,

with USDT, ETH, LTC and many other,

please click on the link below then follow the instructions next:

  1. Select the currency you wish to pay with then scroll down to the next menu,

  2. Select "USD" and enter the exact price of the plan you have chosen and click the button "Donate".

  3. On the following page, put your email address and put your TRADINGVIEW ACCOUNT NAME into the "Name" box and click the "Donate" button again.

     4. Finally copy the address and the exact amount (including the network fees)  given by the app and send

         the payment from your crypto wallet.

WARNING : Failing to provide a valid TradingView Account Name will incur delays in the treatment of your order or the loss of your your order as we won't be able to identify you.

You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your cryptocurrency payment is accepted with the instruction on how to access the script and how to start to use it on your Tradingview's account.

Please allow 24h to receive the access to the script before sending us an email.

Don't hesitate to email us if you have any further question.

Have a great day and may the Hyperforce be with you !